17 June 2008

sb672 louisiana state senators submit affidavits to forego pay raise


JUNE 17, 2008


Louisiana law allows an elected official whose salary or compensation is increased during the official's term of office to waive the right to receive the increased pay. To refuse the additional salary or compensation, the official must submit a signed affidavit to that effect at least 14 days prior to the effective date of the pay raise.

The following Louisiana Senators submitted an affidavit refusing the pay increase effective in July 2008 as detailed in Senate Bill 672 of the 2008 Regular Session. Members were required to file the affidavits by adjournment Tuesday, June 17th, the end of the business day.

District 18 State Senator Jody Amedee
District 16 State Senator Bill Cassidy
District 24 State Senator Don Cravins, Jr.
District 1 State Senator A.G. Crowe
District 11 State Senator Jack Donahue
District 10 State Senator Danny Martiny
District 32 State Senator Neil Riser

Please note that a number of Senators who are NOT forgoing the pay raise have publicly announced their intentions to donate the increased salary money to scholarship funds, charitable organizations and the like. For additional information about those commitments, please contact the members individually.

If you have any questions about the pay raise or the process for waiving receipt of the salary increase, please contact the Senate Communication Office at 225-342-9737.