02 June 2008

push to replace alexandria, la. city councilman charles frederick smith continues

calling it the "2008 men of substance," local newspaper 'the light' announces from its blog (see link) that on 16 june 2008 they will honor 10 central louisiana men for their contributions to their communities. the ceremony is set to be held within a special awards dinner at the main street community center in pineville, la.

those scheduled to be honored are: levator boyd, gregory clark, rev. clarence dupar jr., leon smith, rev. nathaniel smith, myron k. lawson, rev. james roland jr., henry marsland, kevin dorn and dr. vincent mallory.

most interestingly is the announced guest speaker - local attorney and announced candidate for alexandria city council, jonathan goins. mr. goins is rumored to have been hand picked by councilman myron lawson as opposition to current councilman charles frederick smith due to councilman smith's opposition to rep. herbert dixon's failed tax increment financing district.

local political junkies are left wondering if this ceremony signals the black communities growing unity in opposition to councilman smith.

right now its unknown by this blog whether or not councilman smith supports or opposes the alexandria, la. mayor, jacques roys' alternative to rep. dixon's tif called s.p.a.r.c. which is in reality the mayors attempt to foist onto central louisianaians plank nine of the communist manifesto which is having to do with regionalization or as the mayor deceptively calls it regionalism - more on that later.