29 June 2008

sb672: 'whats one more lie from a known liar.'

at 11:00 am cdt sunday 29 june 2008, louisiana's fast talking, bullshit artist governor, piyush "bobby" jindal, appeared on cnn. in this 1minute 13seconds clip taken from that interview, piyush outright lies to host candy crowley when he states "they [legislators] can still sign affidavits to turn down this pay raise."

we now turn your attention to this post 'stop the deceit!' by c.b. forgotston, esq. in which he explains "the legal deadline [for legislators to sign affidavits to turn down the pay raise] expired on tuesday, june 17." and links to the louisiana law which shows that what piyush said today to be an outright lie.

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