10 June 2008

senator david vitter: cranking up 2010 reelection campaign

here are some excerpts of an email senator david vitter sent out moments ago:
Recently I held a conference call with some of my key supporters and grassroots leaders around the state. During the call we discussed issues currently being addressed in Congress. Also, looking ahead to 2010, I would like to use these calls to reenergize and reorganize the statewide campaign network which worked so hard and was so successful in my 2004 Senatorial election.
we'll also talk about forming a statewide network for the David Vitter for Senate 2010 campaign. As we get closer to my 2010 campaign for reelection I'll be hosting more conference calls and meetings, attending rallies and festivals, and cheering our teams on at football games around the state.
UPDATE: see also the stormy daniels label in the footer of his post