09 June 2008

piyush "mr. ethics bobby" jindal's executive counsel jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth sued for being 'unethical' & 'unscrupulous'

provost umphrey law firm llp versus jimmy r. faircloth, jr. and faircloth, vilar & elliott llc

click here to download a .pdf of the nine page petition 2.12mb

dont ya love it when lawyers have a falling out? the petition pretty much speaks for itself, however, the most humorous line reads "at all material times, faircloth law firm was negligent in failing to adequately supervise, train control, and monitor defendant faircloth."

by the way, robert travis scott over at the times-picayune assures us that they are going "to get to it," with respect to reporting about this lawsuit, which is good since the gannett/town talk and kalb have had a total news blackout on reporting mr. faircloth's shenanigans despite extensive coverage in other louisiana news media such as the times-picayune.
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