11 June 2008

louisiana conservative to cenlamar: how much is mary landrieu paying you?

via the dead pelican

it's always fun to watch a couple of political hacks from opposite ends of the spectrum have a go at it....


I know if I was sticking my neck out trashing a guy on a politicians behalf, and it turned out that my guy received a ton of cash from him, well, I’d be embarrassed. Then again, Democrats are a bit sadist, they love getting screwed around by their own party. I think they have a prize out there for the left wing blogger who can show the most absolute loyalty to the Democrat party, maybe...read more
actually this statement by the louisiana conservative is a bit of a stretch seeing as how the rethuglicans screw their people over far worse than the democrats do. at least with democrats you know upfront what you're getting.

the rethuglicans on the other hand, with their american flag pin prop (and a prop is all the american flag is to rethuglicans because their actions show how they dishonor the flag) firmly attached to their lapel, pretend to be conservative and pretend to believe in god and mama and apple pie and lower taxes and less governmental regulations and all that, then consistently turn around and do the exact opposite of what they claim to stand for.

rethuglicans are still the biggest hypocrites on the planet.