01 June 2008

louisiana mayors who are members of mickey bloomberg's gun control coalition

baton rouge, la. mayor "kip" holden, benton, la. mayor albert doughty, mayor of orleans ray nagin and shreveport, la. mayor cedric glover are all members of new york city mayor mickey bloomberg's mayors against illegal guns 'coalition.'

the national rifle association calls mayors against illegal guns "nothing more than a PR opportunity for Mayor Bloomberg and his cronies to promote their anti-gun rhetoric and propaganda." link

anchorage, alaska mayor mark begich quit the coalition. writing last year to the anchorage daily news, mayor begich said that:

"[U]pon further review of the coalition, it appears they may have a different agenda than I anticipated.

I am concerned the coalition is working on issues that conflict with the beliefs we share in Alaska about legal gun ownership, and I'm also concerned gun ownership advocates are not part of the full discussion within the coalition. We cannot afford to risk protecting our Bill of Rights and the rights of legal gun owners.

Because of these conflicts, I have written to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, chair of the coalition, and have asked him to remove me as a supporter of the coalition." ~ link
see also the alaska pride blog for more.

gun owners of america says that mickey bloomberg belongs in jail not in gracie mansion.

the new york times says that bloomberg cast enemy no.1 of gun rights

of coz, since mickey bloomberg is a zionist jew, judicial inc shows how gun control is all a zionist plot like here and here