11 June 2008

sb672 to be heard friday morning 13 june 2008

sb672 the massive fraud bill in which the criminal louisiana legislature intends to give themselves a massive 300% ++ pay increase is truly an instrument of legislative criminal genius. sb672 will tie legislative pay to a large percentage of a united states congressman's pay and when congress gets a pay raise then the louisiana legislators get one too -- automatically - no need for any further legislation to effect it.

around 5:33 pm cdt, sb672 was reported to the house and not surprisingly the shameless and ethically troubled state representative jeff arnold moved to suspend the rules and pass the bill on its third reading -- then rep. arnold moved for the house to hear the bill on friday 13 june 2008.

speaker tucker just announced that the house will meet early friday morning around 8:00 or 9:00 a.m.