11 June 2008

mom finds a california king snake in babys crib

we dont advocate killing king snakes because they are beneficial - they kill and eat other snakes as well as rats and mice. however, if you walk into your sleeping seven month old daughters room and find one coiled around her leg (probably for warmth) who could blame you for killing it?

thats whats so surprising in that baby isabella's mother, cari abatemarco and her uncle charlie vecchiarelli had the presence of mind to capture the snake and then call animal control who came and brought it to the animal shelter.

joanne daly, islip, new york animal control supervisor says that the king snake "is very healthy" and that the snake will be housed there "for a tempory time." but since the snake is considered under islip law to be an exotic it will not be considered for general adoption and will probably be adopted by an organization that cares for exotic animals. video and story at the link

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