24 June 2008

piyush scammers at it again: pushing shannon gremillion for third circuit appeals court justice

it seems that there is a copy of an invitation from 'the committee to elect shannon gremillion to the louisiana third circuit court of appeal,' floating around the internets and making its way through the tubes.

if you look real close at the invitation you cant help but notice that this is the same crew that promoted and financed piyush "bobby" jindal for governor and we all know how well thats turned out now dont we.

so if these people arent smart enough to choose a respectable candidate to promote for governor of the great state of louisiana why for pities sake should we trust them to have the intellect to choose for us a proper person to serve in such an important position as an appeals court justice? the answer is we shouldnt and out of an abundance of caution we should reject the candidacy of mr. shannon gremillon out of hand. after all who likes getting burnt twice?

the ringleader of the piyush scammers pushing mr. gremillion is an alexandria, la. car salesman named dallas hixson. mr. hixson and his car bidness were major financiers of the piyush "bobby" jindal campaign.

on 01 april 2008 it was reported by kalb, that mr. hixson was appointed by piyush "bobby" jindal to the louisiana motor vehicle commission. this and other similar appointments would lead a reasonable minded person to conclude that mr. hixson was most likely appointed to the commission as some sort of payback for all the big dollars he contributed to piyush's campaign fund.

all this would probably also lead a reasonable minded person to conclude that mr. hixson doesnt support candidates unless there is something in it for him -- down the road so to speak.

moral of the story - dont vote for shannon gremillion.