29 June 2008

dopey rino chris hazel has the stumblie-mumblies

geezo-crimey, is this guy pathetic or what? and to think that this guy is a lawyer and a former long-time assistant district attorney. no wonder he had to quit and become a politician -- he was probably tired of having his ass handed to him over and over again by mike small, george higgins and david stone.

we dont know about you, but we are sick and tired of these political hacks and fraudsters who in order to get votes claim to be conservative republicans
because it's currently fashionable to say you're a republican, then when they get to baton rouge, or washington district of criminals, do the exact opposite.

this could all be easily stopped if the louisiana republican party had honest and respectable leaders. sadly, the louisiana republican party has one of the most incompetent, ineffective jokes of a chairman in roger villere. you never see "chairman" (and we use that term lightly) villere come out to criticize or censure louisiana republican politicians when they sponsor or vote for legislation that is totally opposed to republican party ideals as shown by its own written platform.

whats obvious, is that the louisiana republican party, starting with "chairman" villere and extending down into the local level, has been infiltrated and taken over by an organized crime gang.

make no mistake -- we are not taking up for nor promoting the democratic party either -- democrats are just another branch of the organized crime gang. when are louisianaians going to wake up to the fact that the republican party and the democratic party not are, but already have, destroyed this state and nation and quit voting for these losers?

anyway, back to representative hazel. when he first announced his candidacy for house district 27, we noted that all one had to do was look at his background and apply just a little bit of common sense to see that he was going to be nothing but a total puppet of and tool to his elite criminal friends.

sure enough one of the first bills he filed was hb303 to hook-up his district attorney pals. next was hb1129 which makes it harder to investigate crooked cops. this bill was totally uncalled for and all you have to do is follow news aggregator sites like louisiana's own the dead pelican, or national aggregators such as drudge, rense or what really happened to name a few to see that almost everyday somewhere in louisiana or in the united states a policeman is arrested and charged with wrong doing. police need to be investigated quicker and more fully and not have stumblingblocks cast to impede an investigation such as rep. hazel has done here.

rep. hazel's hb373 is more pandering, "feel good" legislation. if representative hazel was any kind of honest, respectable republican he would have filed a resolution condemning the illegal and immoral iraq and afghanistan "wars" calling for our louisiana national guardsmen and fellow louisianaians in the regular armed services to be brought home at once. by filing this bill representative hazel is saying that he doesnt care that our servicemen are over seas fighting in illegal wars. its very likely that they will come home in a box or missing limbs and suffering severe mental problems - but hey we're gonna give you this nice license plate as a consolation prize.

as a further conscience assuager, rep. hazel's hb200 will excuse the children of our servicemen from school so they can tell their parent good bye as they leave to fight in illegal wars. after these kids are older what bill, what piece of legislation will rep. hazel offer to explain to them why and how we just we stood by, when we knew better, as their parent(s) were sent over-seas to be cannon fodder in an illegal war?

rep. hazel's hb1153 is yet another glaring example of just how uncaring and clueless rep. hazel actually is. rep. hazel produced and filed hb1153 not at the behest of the people but at the direction of the louisiana sheriff's association. now the louisiana sheriff's association this is the group that endorsed bob odom's reelection who at the time of their endorsement and for months if not years previously, had been under criminal indictment.

no respectable policeman is going to endorse for political office someone who is under indictment. can you understand that the louisiana sheriff's association is run by criminals? the louisiana sheriff's association should not be trusted to choose respectable political candidates (they also endorsed piyush "bobby" jindal) and they especially should not be trusted to come up with good legislation. the louisiana sheriff's association should themselves be investigated.

as this series of main stream media reports from my fox dc, kcal-california, cbs4-miami, fox61-connecticut, associated press, msnbc, fox news channel, fox8 news and on and on show -- kids carrying a back-pack with body armor inserts to school and presumably elsewhere, could use the backpack as a shield to possibly save their lives - and what does chris hazel the assclown, the moron do? he files a bill to outlaw it in louisiana and the louisiana legislature passes the bill!

if representative hazel is a true conservative republican then where was the legislation banning in perpetuity sales taxes? in perpetuity sales taxes are the latest scam local governments and police juries have thought up. its totally unamerican to force people that arent even born yet to pay taxes and never have the opportunity to have a say on them. getting rid of this scam is what a true conservative and one who truly cares about louisiana's children would do. but representative hazel is a puppet.

rep. hazel voted "yea" at every opportunity to lake charles democrat willie mount's dangerous and unconscionable sb312 which is forcing a medicine on ALL the citizens of louisiana. this is something that a doctor cannot do to ANY citizen in louisiana. a doctor cannot force an individual to take medicine without their informed consent.

do you think chris hazel or any other louisiana legislator has the authority moral or otherwise not to mention the intelligence to mandate that our babies, ourselves and our animals be medicated through our water supply? do you know that the american dental association now says that children under 12 months of age should not consume fluoridated water? -- for this reason alone flouridated water should be rejected!

do you know that the american kidney association advises that persons undergoing dialysis - that the dialysis machines do not use fluoridated water? furthermore, the american kidney association advises those with other kidney disease and ailments not to drink fluoridated water.

do you realize the enormous amounts of water cattle, horses, dogs, cats and other animals drink everyday and that kidney damage has been discovered in fluoride exposed animals?

did you know that an area in the human brain - the pineal gland which regulates the production of the hormone melantonin which is a hormone that helps regulate the onset of puberty and helps to protect the body from cell damage accumulates fluoride and that the accumulation of fluoride in this gland in animals suppresses the production of melantonin and accelerates the onset of sexual maturity and that further studies on humans is currently ongoing?

did you know that entire countries, including germany, belgium and luxembourg to name a few (97% of western europe has fluoride free water) have rejected fluoridated water and that here in the united states, entire states and cities have quit flouridating their water supply because of the health risks? but once again the ignorant know-nothing and dont want to know anything, louisiana legislature is rushing headlong to do the exact opposite of what is necessary and proper - most likely because they are getting kickbacks or campaign contributions from the sodium fluoride industry.

watch this report from nashville, tennessee's wsmv channel 4 about tennessee state representative (a republican of all things) joey hensley and learn about how a real representative acts and what a representative who is concerned and looking out for his constituents does. its called due diligence and to the louisiana legislature this is an unknown concept.

every state senator and every representative who voted for sb312 needs to be thrown out of office -- including here in central louisiana: chris hazel, chris roy, jr., herbert dixon and senator joe mcpherson.

senator mcpherson's vote for and co-authoring sb312 is a surprise as we thought that he had more sense than that. however, we shouldnt really be surprised since we've learned over the years from blogging that senator mcpherson always has to be involved in something shady or as he calls it -- "a cutesy deal."

this sb672 - the legislative pay raise fraud bill that everyone is up in the air about is nothing compared to the misery sb312 will bring upon our kids heads and on our heads.

furthermore, lake charles democrat willie mount the bills author together with monroe rino kay kellogg katz who handled sb312 in the house should be dragged from their homes by angry mobs with torches and pitchforks --tarred, feathered and run the hell out of louisiana. how dare you sit there and criticize piyush "bobby" jindal for being a spineless worm, which he is -- you grow a spine and find out what the corrupt, incompetent; on the take louisiana legislature and state government is doing to your loved ones and to you and to your fellow louisianaians and do something about it.
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