01 June 2008

dr john fleming for congress?

UPDATE: la-04 rethug fleming wants to bus laborers from and to mexico

this morning we noticed that we had received an email from someone with the john fleming for congress campaign:
Dear We Saw,

I am contacting you on behalf of John Fleming for Congress. I am writing because this campaign respects your impressive website which showcases your immense talent.
(awww we bet they tell that to all the bloggers lol. seriously though the email is time-stamped 3:00 am on a saturday night-sunday morning so maybe they were half asleep or buzzed or something when they stumbled across wst...)
Blogs are underutilized in politics. This campaign is interested in developing a strong relationship with blogs across Louisiana and the nation, yours included. Please contact upon receiving this e-mail, as I would like future communication.

to which we replied:
we are in receipt of your email and thank you very much for it. we have to be honest in that we do not believe that this is a good year to run for office as a republican. the republican party with help from the democrats, have done much harm to this country, to our constitution and to the world. however, according to dr. fleming's bio he is a veteran of the united states naval service as are we (boatswainmate's), so he cant be all bad LOL. therefore, we will at least listen to what he has to say with an open mind.
dr. fleming is running for united states congressman from louisiana's fourth congressional district. this is the district currently represented by the rethuglican homosexual jim mccrery who is retiring.

the blog my bossier has a roundup of all the fourth congressional district candidates. see their post "roundup of 4th district congressional candidates."