08 June 2008

ron paul: nancy pelosi pulled bill requiring congressional approval to attack iran on orders of israel and aipac

in this clip, of a speech given by congressman ron paul on 06 june 2008,
in reston, virginia, to the future of freedom foundation, 'restoring the republic 2008: foreign policy and civil liberties' conference, congressman paul says that speaker of the house, nancy pelosi, acting on orders of israel and aipac,'deliberately' pulled a supplemental bill requiring congressional approval for attacking iran.

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13 march 2007 salon.com

Speaking of endless war, Dick Cheney and AIPAC, Congressional Quarterly reported last week that AIPAC and its Congressional allies were "pushing to strike a provision slated for the war spending bill that would, with some exceptions, require the president to seek congressional approval before using military force in Iran." As BooMan documents today, they succeeded: "key language mandating that Bush get Congressional approval before going to war with Iran has been taken out." ~ link