29 May 2007

bingo shoddy town talk 'reporting'

heres another great example of shoddy half-assed reporting by the alexandria daily town talk. so, they run this "news item" which is in reality nothing but a press release from the city of alexandria. if memory serves this ordinance was first proposed by councilman myron lawson which that in itself should send up a red flag and trigger some commonsense questions such as why is this ordinance being proposed? why isnt there a copy of the proposed ordinance? why didnt the town talk contact anyone on the city council and/or the administration for a statement? why didnt the town talk go out and ask people that are currently running charity bingo games what they thought about this new ordinance?

all the town talk does is serve as the marketing/public relations arm of various governmental entities when they print garbage like this posing as news. what the town talk is really doing is saying that ordinances like this are a done deal.

photo courtesy www.johnnyjet.com

City Council to amend rules for charity bingo
Town Talk staff

Alexandria City Council members are set to pass an ordinance amending current law regarding bingo operators who hold charity games in city limits.

The council introduced the measure at the May 22 meeting, and is scheduled to revisit it, possibly passing the ordinance, at the June 5 meeting.

Originally published May 28, 2007
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