07 May 2007

New Video From LA's MacArthur Park Exonerates LAPD

video description:
UPDATE -- The videographers name is Jonathan Mann, not Brad F, apologies for the confusion.

LAPD officers are under fire for the Macarthur Park mini riot, illegal aliens and their supporters are accusing them of using excessive force to quell the disturbance.

But is that true?

We take a look at some locally shot video and attempt to get to the bottom of these accusations.

This video shows anti-American sentiments were rife in the gathering of illegal aliens and hundreds of anarchists and illegal alien supporters taunted and acted aggressive towards the LAPD while intentionally refusing to disperse. Anarchists, communists, gang bangers, and bandits abound in MacArthur Park on May 1, 2007.

Elements of this video help exonerate the LAPD.

ALIPAC Activists,

We have been working hard with Freedom Folks for the last few days to prepare this video.

The original video was shot by pro illegal alien supporter blogger "GameJew" (His self title)

We immediately noticed that this video contained many elements that exonerate the LAPD and their necessary actions in MacArthur Park!

Therefore, we have deconstructed the video adding our own comments and observations that "GameJew" did not appreciate in his eagerness to spread pro illegal alien propaganda.

We will be doing a release on Monday to send this to the country and WHEN WE MAKE THAT MOVE WE WILL NEED YOUR HELP.

Do not distribute this till the hammer falls from ALIPAC.

Here is your sneak preview. Comments here in this thread and beneath the video on youtube are welcome.


Macarthur Park Mini riot -- The Other Side Of The Story!

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