01 May 2007

creole folks telling it like it is

creole folks is a most excellent blog we recently stumbled across and certainly worthy of checking out.

American Idol Manipulation on Louisiana's Post-Katrina Blacks! by T.D.


More media manipulation and bull shit in America. American Idol-distributed by the biggest Nazi in all of the world- Rupert Murdoch and his British counter-part-Simon Fuller at Fox Networks, News, Television and all that mess-sent its token fat, crusty black coon-Randy Jackson into the notorious 450 FEMA trailer park (mostly populated by rural people of color after the levees in Sunrise, La was blown-in another African America section of a lower La. Parish)-to seek out and script little black children to say "we are scared of guns and crime" is low and dirty.

The producers and media are scripting these children and exploiting them for a warped image of lower La. First, crime isn't an issue in lower rural Louisiana-Plaquemines Parish but survival and corruption is a major factor. The only crime in rural lower Louisiana (plaquemines parish) is corruption by Parish " Texas oil" President Nugessor and residents "finding" food and gas tanks. Billy Nungessor isn't the real Parish President of Plaquemines-this was a big oil Power Grab and the elections were fraud and held when 70% of the residents were displaced.
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