31 May 2007

more rapides parish district attorney alexandria police department corruption

wst... note: these documents were originally sent by email to us from alexandria, la. "attorney" gregory r. aymond
the rule of law is nothing more than the rule of the bandits who have control of the law ~ eustace mullins

at around 3:40 p.m. on wednesday 22 november 2006 an alexandria police cruiser driven by apd officer torrence bowens collided with a car driven by mickie lynn cain.

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chester st., vance ave., rensselaer st. google map link

note: although we aren't required to, since these are public documents, we have redacted witness addresses and telephone numbers out of respect for the witnesses privacy.

a witness said officer bowens "came through the intersection at a very high rate of speed."

another witness said she saw "a police car going very fast...with his lights on; no siren...he lost control because of his high rate of speed and crashed into a tree on the left side of vance." this witness also noted that officer bowens was panicking.

alexandria police officer corporal r. gaspard filed the police report. in his report officer gaspard notes that no charges were filed against mickie lynn cain.

next, on 07 january 2007, attorney thomas o. wells who apparently moonlights as an assistant district attorney for rapides parish, louisiana, sends a letter to ms. cain wanting her insurance information. officer bowens the person who caused the wreck is preparing to sue ms. cain!

here's where things really get interesting, on 09 may 2007, rapides parish assistant district attorney rocky willson sends a letter to ms. cain informing her that she is a target of and facing indictment by the rapides parish grand jury. its not specified and remains unknown under what law ms. cain is charged with violating.

ms. cain's lawyer responds with some interesting questions of his own:

note: michael s. koch is the husband of ninth judicial district court judge patricia koch.

so lets get this straight, this gal is driving along minding her own business and suddenly wham! shes hit by what eye witnesses say was an out of control police car. shes given no ticket. then around fifty days later she receives a letter wanting her insurance information etc from the lawyer for the alexandria police officer torrence bowens, who just happens to be an assistant rapides parish district attorney.
next, she learns that the rapides parish district attorneys office is preparing to haul her in front of the grand jury and indict her on what charges no one knows.

why is this woman being railroaded by the district attorneys office? it looks like her only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. why is an assistant district attorney handling the legal affairs of an alexandria police officer? why wasnt the person who was actually at fault the alexandria police officer torrence bowens ticketed?

and perhaps (from our perspective) the most important question of all: why is a freaking blog reporting this and not the so called news media?

oh and that grand jury scheduled to convene today to hear this case -- an anonymous source in the courthouse informs wst... that at the last minute assistant district attorney rocky willson or someone from his office told the witnesses, that due to a conflict of interest, the conflict of interest being that thomas o. wells, an assistant rapides parish district attorney who is also officer bowens attorney -- this case was being referred to the louisiana attorney generals office for prosecution.
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