20 May 2007

choosy mothers choose...pot

PHOENIX -- A number of mothers in the Phoenix area admit they use marijuana to wind down after a long day, television station KPHO reported.

Shay Pausa surveyed hundreds of mothers through her Web site, Chikii.com. She targeted women in affluent suburban areas.

"These were middle to upper-middle class women, professional women, mommies. We had some that were members of the PTA and one school teacher even reported," Pausa said.

They're women like Jan, who's 30 and has one child.

"I like it just to relax, if I'm very stressed out and I just need some time, just to relax. It's good for that," Jan said.

Sue is 37 and has two kids.

"But I've also used it for headaches. I've used it when I've been sick with the stomach flu, when I've been really nauseous and, I mean, I need to function. So it's in my medicine cabinet," Sue said.

Of the hundreds of mothers Pausa surveyed, 52 percent said they smoke pot at least 10 times a year.

Twenty-seven percent said they smoke it one to seven times a week.

Some of the women even said they would someday tell their kids about their secret. That's what most concerns some anti-drug groups.

"So what kind of message is that sending to a child? If it's OK to smoke pot in the house, is it OK to steal? Bottom line, it's illegal," said Sarah Christiansen of NotMyKid.org.

So where do the women get marijuana? Some said they drop hints among friends until they find one that shares the habit. Others said they grow it themselves.

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