23 May 2007

hb195 rep billy chandlers pollock police chief scam

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**update** the municipal, parochial and cultural affairs committee shot down (voted to defer) hb195 rep. chandlers ridiculous bill....more later

added 4:19 pm cdt we watched the committee meeting this morning. we were interested in seeing how hb195 and hb849 fared. when you watch the legislature in action you will come to expect them to most always do the entirely wrong thing, the incompetent thing and so forth. so imagine our surprise to see this bill killed in committee!

now what shocked us was watching a black woman democrat from new orleans, of all places, speaking up in defense of the citizens of pollock to elect their own police chief. it was state representative charmaine marchand who's eloquent words we feel played a major part in killing representative billy chandler's freedom robbing, sorry excuse of a house bill.

so we fired off an email to representative marchand:

From: wesawthat@gmail.com
To: larep099-at-legis.state.la.us
Subject: hb195 Municipal, Parochial, and Cultural Affairs Committee
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 12:29:25 -0500

dear representative marchand,

thank you very much for your words against representative billy chandler's hb195. this bill besides taking away the right of the people to elect their own police chief is a thinly veiled attempt to turn pollock, louisiana into a speed trap very similar to the notorious woodworth, la.and you cant operate a speed trap unless you control the chief of police and police department.

thanks again for your voice of reason, speaking up for the little people and for extolling true democratic ideals and principals; a lot of louisiana politicians could take a lesson from you.


now contrast this to a white woman republican from monroe, louisiana, state representative kay kellogg katz. (by the way does anyone else notice the significance of her initials?)

now representative katz, this ignorant twat (with the cartoon voice), and thats what she is amongst other things, despite being a republican, despite republicans alleged belief in less government, more freedom, less taxes and all that (which we all know is a dammed lie and merely a marketing ploy) shes all for hb195 and for taking away citizens right to vote for their own police chief. nevermind that it came out in testimony that the citizens of pollock voted just a few years ago to retain their police chief as an elected official.

so we fired off an email to representative katz:

From: wesawthat@gmail.com
To: larep016-at-legis.state.la.us
Subject: hb195 Municipal, Parochial, and Cultural Affairs Committee
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 15:26:09 -0500

dear representative katz,

shame on you for speaking up, in committee today in favor of representative billy chandler's ridiculous hb195. you claim to be a republican yet your words and actions are not part and parcel with republican party ideals. do you think its proper to take away the peoples right to elect their own chief of police? please explain how your stance in favor of taking away citizens right to elect their own chief of police fits in with republican philosophy.



the blog called vote the record in a 24 august 2006 post called representative katz the "gop wonder woman." the post goes on to say that [katz] "is hands down the GOP poster girl in the Louisiana Legislature." now you gotta understand "vote the record" is nothing more than a republican spam, spin and propaganda blog written by a republican hen who knows not about that which she cackles. however, this blogger, albeit unwittingly, hit the nail on the head with regard to representative katz because we all know democrats have problems but republicans say they stand for one thing and do the exact opposite. republicans are despicable. they are hypocrites, liars, scoundrels, thieves and con-artists and when you finally realize that, then yeah representative katz is the poster girl for the gop.
on the same day that the state house committee on municipal, parochial and cultural affairs is scheduled to consider the corrupt hotel bentley bill also on the agenda is hb195 (see link) a bill by one of central louisiana's useful idiots representative billy chandler. rep. chandler's bill is a total fraud on the citizens of pollock, louisiana because it takes away their right to elect their own police chief and gives that right to pollocks' mayor and board of aldermen.
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