28 May 2007

new cenla blog cenla review

cenla review is a new blog that we just stumbled across. looks like it was started on 22 march 2007; we cant tell if it was started on a lark and then abandoned or what. it could be that the person who started it doesnt even know about the other cenla blogs but it looks like a good idea and one that the central louisiana blogosphere needs. so, if you're a local click on over and welcome them to the family.

What is Cenla Review?

Cenla Review is a place for people to discuss the quality of products and service they receive around Cenla. Have your recently purchased a product in Cenla that was great and you would like to tell others about it? Have you purchased a product that didn't live up to your expectations? Did you have great service recently at a restaurant? Share your experiences here so that others can benefit from your knowledge.
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