27 May 2007

john boehner is an idiot!

so...congressman john boehner, this creepy looking sack of ohio sleaze gets on the house floor and cries his crocodile tears and then...and then, right off the bat has the unmitigated gall to mention that "on the opening day we all stand here we raise our right hand and swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the united states." what a freaking crock!

representative boehner gives it all away though when right after that he goes on to say "...my colleagues have heard me make this statement that i didnt come here to be a congressman. i came here to do something." and boehner has done something too. hes helped and continues to help destroy america.

there is no lie this bunch of thugs and con-artists are not willing to tell, theres no level of depravity up to and including acting like a emotional wreck of an alcoholic on the house floor that they will not stoop to in order to keep this illegal and immoral war going.

remember you heard it straight from representative boehner lips - hes not there to be a congressman and uphold the constitution -- hes there to do something and as you can see what "representative" in name only, boehner, is there to do, it aint in your or the country's best interest.


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