25 May 2007

june 2007 last trumpet newsletter out

written by a former witch and satanist, the last trumpet ministries newsletter is one monthly publication that we always look forward to. we especially like the way the writer, pastor david j. meyer, explains how so many things that are going on these days are tied in to the occult. if you read and understand what pastor meyer is on about, you will begin to see it too. sacred occultic numbers like 11, 13, 33, 26 and sacred occultic dates and times and so forth appear all the time over and over again in seemingly innocuous and unrelated stories. one recent example that comes to mind is the virginia tech massacre. when we heard that there were 33 people dead we automatically knew that it was a scam.

heres some excerpts click the link to read the whole thing

In this issue of the Last Trumpet Newsletter, we will look intently at our erstwhile great nation of the United States of America from a scriptural and spiritual perspective. As we do this, we will especially focus on this awesome question: What happens to a nation that has forsaken God for so long that finally God forsakes that nation? What would become of such a nation as that? What would be the characteristics of a nation that has damned itself to the extent that Almighty God would withdraw His restraining power and allow the critical mass of sin and iniquity to increase to a point of total meltdown? This is what happened to Israel long ago, and now it is happening to America.

In the Bible verses above, we find those horrifying words, “God gave them up!” We also find the distressing words, “God gave them over to a reprobate mind!” When a nation is left alone with Satan, what happens to its people, government, economy, educational systems, and every other endeavor? A nation that has been forsaken by the Almighty would be one whose government is full of scandals, corruption, and sexual sins. It would be a government that is insensitive to the violence of war. The economy of such a nation would be one of massive debts, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. Foreign economic powers and cartels would come into that God-forsaken country and buy businesses and industries, and they would bring their false gods and religions with them.

Sexual sins, smut, and filth would fill that nation. Pornography shops would be built along its highways, and vulgar entertainment and “gentlemen’s clubs” would spring up everywhere. Cable and satellite television and the Internet would become an erotic wonderland of pimps, prostitutes, and whoremasters in an electronic red light district connected to every home and office.

Religions would be filled with satanic inventions, Eastern mysticism, sexual scandals, and perversion. Even rank witchcraft would be “Christianized” and taught to the children. Music manufactured in hell would fill the churches with pounding drums and blaring amplifiers. Gospel magicians, clowns, and ventriloquists would entertain the deceived masses of dead churchianity. Spiritual discernment would quickly become non-existent!

If a nation were forsaken by Almighty God, it would have streets full of corrupted and crooked business men and women, and there would be young people with bizarre clothing, wild hair colors and styles, and bodies that are pierced and tattooed. Young girls would cause the eyes of many people to sin by a public display of their bodies as they proudly wear clothes that hardly cover the essentials. The people of this nation would have two other things in common. They would have a cellular phone “glued” to their ears, and they would all be on some kind of drug, either prescription or otherwise. Diseases would be manufactured, and small corner drug stores would give way to massive drug outlet stores with long lines of people inside and at the drive-through; all waiting for their legal fix.

A nation forsaken by Almighty God would be one that kills its own young, especially the unborn, because Satan demands blood sacrifice. The people of such a nation would develop an insatiable desire for sex and violence. Homosexuals and lesbians would be honored and protected by the government and religious leadership of a God-forsaken nation. Perverts would boldly rise up and parade their sodomite cause, and laws would be passed in the guise of genocide and hate crime legislation to protect the sodomites and severely penalize anyone who would dare to speak against them.

Much more could be said about what would happen to a nation that has been given over to its own devices and rejected by the Almighty, but truly and sadly, these are the very conditions of the United States of America at this present time! It is also true that one of the worst judgments that God could send upon a nation is to leave it to its own devices until sin and iniquity eat away at it with a spiritual cancer and bring it to a slow and agonizing spiritual death. As that nation that has mocked God for so long breathes its last breath, it dies as a sick and vicious traitor to the Saviour who had stretched out his gracious hand to them for such a long time.

This is a lost and dying nation and world, but you do not have to die with it. By faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, you can pray now and truly repent of all sin and iniquity. God will hear you and abundantly pardon you. Then go on and obey the Gospel. Do it now, while a little time remains! Eternity is directly ahead!


On that historically eventful day of April 19th in this year of 2007, Senator Harry Reid, the Senate Majority leader, announced to the world that the “Iraq War is lost.” (18) In reality, there never was a plan to win the Iraq War, and that fact was admitted by the U.S. Military leaders. We know that the purpose of the war was to bring about certain conditions in the Middle East. We also know that on May 1st, 2007, the very day of the witches’ high cross-quarter sabat of Beltaine, President Bush vetoed the Troop Withdrawal Bill that was presented to him. (19)

Then, on that sabat night of May 1st, 2007, President Bush addressed the nation and stated his reasons for prolonging the war in Iraq. True to witchcraft form, the President said the following words during his speech: “Troop withdrawal would result in a cauldron of chaos on American soil.” I have no doubt that both history and Judgment Day will reveal that George W. Bush was by far the worst President this nation has ever had. An Australian newspaper said it very well with the headlines: “All Bush Is Saying Is Give War a Chance.” (20) Failure is written all over everything that Mr. Bush has tried to do.