11 May 2007

daily kingfish exposes david vitter prescription drug lies & hypocrisy

louisiana senator david vitter

daily kingfish shows that louisiana senator david vitter, who in his campaign, championed cheaper prescription drugs including importing cheaper drugs from places like canada, didnt even bother to vote on three important amendments, including two amendments where his vote would have made a difference. in addition senator vitter failed to vote on the bills (S.1082, the Prescription Drug User Fee Amendments of 2007) final passage.

daily king fish snip:
all of you remember all the unfounded noise Vitter was making about Landrieu and her votes on S.1082, the Prescription Drug User Fee Amendments of 2007. And all of us also remember how his stance on cheaper prescription drugs was central to his campaign in 2004. If Vitter was so concerned about prescription drugs to both campaign on it and use it as an empty shell in his verbal attacks against Mary Landrieu on Tuesday, 8 MAY, then why was he absent from four votes pertaining to this issue on Wedensday, 9 MAY?
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