31 May 2007

purple circle social club

**updated** 5:46 pm cdt monday 04 june 2007
wafb report audio .mp3 here
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wafb-tv has broadcast a report and it turns out that state representative yvonne dorsey, is the legislator behind earmarking state taxpayer funds to the purple circle social club, the colomb foundation - which according to wafb is the nonprofit that belongs to ms. dorsey's boyfriend and other shady state expenditures.

louisiana state representative yvonne dorsey
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wafb snip:
A Closer Look at State Rep. Yvonne Dorsey's "Pork Spending"
June 2, 2007 11:25 AM
9NEWS has reported on State Representative Yvonne Dorsey's previous "pork spending." This week, we tried to question her about some of her spending plans included in the $29.6 billion state budget.

Some of the places Dorsey is giving cash to are a social club, her alleged boyfriend's non-profit organization, and a high school alumni association.

View the attached video clip for the full report.

this morning on his radio program moon griffon was talking about house bill no. 1: the appropriations bill and questionable state expenditures contained therein...one example mr. griffon used was $50,000 [37.2 eur] to a non-profit called "purple circle social club."

the first thing we did was go to legis.state.la.us and look up hb1 and try to find the expenditure in question. after about six cups of coffee and two extra-strength tylenols later we finally found it all the way down on page 274:

hb1 page 274
the next thing we did was go on the sec'y of state corporations database and look up "purple circle social club:"

somehow, we werent surprised to learn that purple circle social club is not in good standing with the sec'y of state. in fact they havent filed an annual return in two years. the next thought that comes to mind is why is the state giving $50,000 of taxpayer money to a "corporation" that cant even keep its corporate charter in good standing with the state? then the next thought was if this "corporation" wont file required paperwork what makes the state think that they will spend all this money in the way that its supposedly intended? maybe we are missing the point here and purple circle social club is spending the money the way the legislators intended.

the expenditure immediately preceding the purple circle social club payout caught our eye too. it's $300,000 [223.1 eur] to something called the colomb foundation inc.

this is an interesting kick-back err state expenditure too because an 02 june 2006 audit of the colomb foundation, inc., 2005 books, shows that it only had $60,000 [44.6 eur] of income for 2005. audit in html or .pdf. the act 1 mentioned in the auditor's report was the appropriations bill for 2004.

so apparently all you have to do to make some easy money in this state is set up a non profit corporation, next get your state representative or senator or some legislative staff member to place your companies name and a number in this loooong list of expenditures and you're all set. notice as you scroll down that list how they throw in some legitimate looking expenditures such as the pointe coupee animal shelter or the town of richwood for the police department. this accomplishes two things -- (1) it breaks up the monotony and (2) gives the document an air of credibility.