13 May 2007

city of pineville v gregory aymond part 2

local republican power attorney and federal judge wannabe
jimmy "the wizard" faircloth
gets owned!

a hearing was held friday 11 may 2007 before ninth judicial district court judge florence rae swent regarding the public records request of local attorney and blogger gregory r. aymond.

kudo's to bill sumrall and the alexandria daily town talk (see link or here) for a fair report. on the other hand kalb-tv is totally silent and appears to be maintaining a media blackout on this important public records story. "news" channel-5's "news" director michele godard monitors local blogs and keeps her own blog at www.cenlamedia.blogspot.com and therefore knows that this lawsuit and issue is a popular and hot topic on some local blogs (not to mention the public at large) and yet couldnt find a minute or two to report anything about fridays hearing...in fact a search of kalb.com reveals that they havent devoted one word to this important public records lawsuit since it began back in october 2006...WTF?

instead, kalb devotes endless air time to the liquor lawsuit (its hearing was held the same day) even going and doing a man on the street interview when common sense will tell you that if the state supreme court has already ruled in a similar and on point case (30 page .pdf) that the judge in this case doesnt have any choice but to rule in favor of the plaintiff. of course this is louisiana where everything goes and the judge in the liquor lawsuit was involved in a shady club raid last year but of coz no mention of that in kalb's liquor report either.

next, kalb is pushing some goofy "special report" called "sticker stalkers" LOL. in this non story kalb tells us that parents are inadvertently "advertising their children to sexual predators." now get this: by putting a sticker on your car that says something like "my child is an honor student at such and such school" or by placing a yard sign that says something like "my son is on the football team at__ __ high school" or "my daughter is a cheerleader at __ __ high school" kalb and some silly gadfly at doc would have us believe this is giving sexual predators directions right to your kids bed room! all this despite the fact...despite the fact that kalb says that according to probation officers such as la department of corrections officer jeffrey gaspard they have "never once heard of a predator using stickers or signs in yards to locate the next victim..." well guess what they have now! this is total manufacturing of non news and sensationalism but hey it sure beats covering real news eh? and speaking of manufacturing "news" versus covering real news such as a public record story. we can see that kalb is more interested in playing upon peoples emotions. on the one hand kalb is trying to piss people off over the liquor lawsuit and on then trying to scare gullible parents.

if people want to put "my child is an honor student at _ _ school" bumper stickers and yard signs thats fine. its not going to attract sex perverts its only going to increase your chances of having your car vandalized or your house rolled by students from rival schools.

anyway, kalb has an odd definition of whats newsworthy and whats not. its enough to make a reasonable minded person to suspect that kalb is in cahoots with the city of pineville. there used to be a time when the news media was called the fourth estate: "The notion that the Press is the fourth estate rests on the idea that the media's function is to act as a guardian of the public interest and as a watchdog on the activities of government." kalb's news department must have missed that day in journalism school.
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