25 May 2007

turn coat rodney alexander the pot calling the kettle black

turn-coat rodney alexander the ol cyber-sex enabler himself or as hes referred to on at least one other blog "ratney salamander" has read the political wind and decided to issue a statement on the so called illegal immigration debate.

ratney err rodney sez that:
"In my opinion, and in the opinion of the majority of my constituents, whether or not to grant amnesty to the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants living in our country is not a question that requires debate. The answer is clear: The United States must not reward those who break the law."
this in itself is disingenuous and a flat out lie. ol rodney who tries to cast himself as a simple "country folk" type is himself a bigger criminal and danger to the american people than anyone who has ever crossed the border "illegally" or otherwise.

specifically, rodney alexander has broken 5 usc § 3331 over and over again. every time rodney votes for unconstitutional legislation he breaks federal law. lets put the real criminals like rodney alexander and the others like him in jail first. replace them all with honest law abiding constitution obeying and honoring men and women and then we can concentrate on our illegal immigration problem. thats the only way its ever going to be solved.
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