28 May 2007

"moscow isn't sodom"

via spiegel.de/international
apparently moscow isnt ready to have a bunch of freaks parading through their ancient city in what mayor yuri luzhkov is quoted as calling a "satanic activity." in this storys lead paragraph (and throughout the story for that matter) you will notice how the international media portrays the protesters as skin heads, ultra nationalists and orthodox church members. in american speak this translates as skin heads = anarchists and ku klux klan/white supremacists, ultra nationalists = the militia types and orthodox church members = religious fundamentalists.


Russian skinheads, ultra nationalists and fundamentalist Orthodox church members make good on their pledge to "clean" Moscow streets of gays. Pop groups like Tatu and Right Said Fred were part of the scattered gay-rights protest, and so was a German politician.

Shouting epithets like "Moscow isn't Sodom" and "Death to Gays," neo-Nazi, ultranationalist and religious fundamentalist counter-demonstrators in Moscow attacked gay rights activists Sunday who were seeking to deliver a protest letter to the mayor of the Russian capital. The mayor had rejected a petition to hold a gay-rights march in the city.

Skinheads, ultranationalists and fundamentalist members of the Russian Orthodox church have recently waged war on gay rights activists in the city, saying they would "clean" Moscow's streets of homosexuals.
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