10 May 2007

jeff crouere: can nola nagin recover from two devestating polls?

jeff crouere has a new column up today (see link) in which he asks whether or not mayor nagin can survive his low approval ratings as shown by two 'devastating' polls. to all this we say...so what? the fact is that mayor nagin was reelected. mayor nagin isnt going anywhere until his term of office ends. now, we like mr. crouere even though he's totally republican spin and propaganda. he is entertaining at times (mr. crouere is kinda like an intellectual moon griffon that is if moon griffon had any intellect or class) and as long as you read mr. crouere's columns and listen to his radio program with this in mind you will be ok.

mr. crouere mentions how according to one poll: "Satisfaction with life in New Orleans has dropped below 50% and a full one-third of respondents are considering moving from the Crescent City. Of that number, 63% said they would leave the state entirely."

without knowing it, mr. crouere has totally justified what controversial (to some) website judicial inc has been saying all along about what is really going on in new orleans. see new orleans mayor gets his reward - in which they correctly predicted months ahead of the election that mayor nagin would be reelected; katrina and black diaspora; blacks run out of new orleans; new orleans used as fuel for race war; theres more articles here.

this article by mr. crouere presents an interesting turn because usually the new orleans crowd (and we will lump c.b.forgotston in here to) is constantly bitching, whining and moaning about the so called incompetence of the army corps of engineers in the levee construction. what they always fail to mention, its like it went down the memory hole, is that prior to katrina there were umpteen levee boards down there, (answers.com says that "The levee district generates its own revenues from the Lakefront Airport, a casino, leases of property, fees from boatslips and marinas, and taxes.") made up entirely of locals and they were supposed to be providing oversight on the corps of engineers. we never hear any calls for those levee board members to be investigated its always the corps of engineers...wonder why?.

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