01 May 2007

piyush is concerned

governor blanco's ignorant and ill advised choice of an out of state contractor called icf to manage the road home program continues to bite her in the ass.

anyway, seems that someone has pointed piyush's browser over to the icf website where he put his marvelous intellectual powers (and a good pocket calculator) to use.

all this, of coz, gave piyush, ever the silly opportunist, an excuse to issue a meaningless one page letter (see link for .pdf) to governor blanco and "legislative leaders" which was promptly leaked to the notoriously pro-piyush dead pelican website which in turn obliged replete with the gigantic text headline and flashing siren.

of course because louisianaians cant think properly, the're all cheering him on saying "atta boy piyush...way to tell 'em." it wont occur to anyone to say "hey! wait a minute your own letter states that your office receives calls about icf & the road home program daily and yet you wait until now when its supposedly going broke to look into it?" yeah thats really taking care of your constituents. maybe if piyush had been in dc (according to google maps its 16.7 miles [27 km] from the us capitol to icf's headquarters) or even in his own district...instead of gallivanting all over the state, snake charming a bunch of red neck goofs, he would have known about all this oh say about a billion dollars or so ago.

piyush, what a transparent opportunist.

piyush, what a scammer.

dont be a sucker!

**update* mee-maw fires back. click here for two page .pdf
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