07 May 2007

the bossier parish midol caper

we guess it really is a curse after all.

ktbs snip:

The Bossier Parish school system doesn't mess around when it comes to its policy on bringing medicine to school: If you get caught with it -- and the principal hasn't been told -- you're expelled.
here's another example of the kind of idiots that are running the states public education system. its just plain ridiculous to think that a fourteen year old girl or women of any age, is going to discuss her private bodily functions with their school principal or anyone else and whats more who would want to know? women have been sharing midol, tylenol and everything else with each other for eons. now thanks to a moronic "zero tolorance" policy bringing midol to school "That's a violation of the rules in Bossier Parish, where a student cannot bring any kind of medicine to school without clearing it with the principal. The policy doesn't make exceptions."

this bunch of incompetent goofs ought to be fired. instead governor blank-O wants to give them pay raises. for louisiana this sounds about right.

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