20 May 2007

la house district 27: just say no to chris hazel

UPDATE: dopey rino chris hazel has the stumblie-mumblies


louisiana house district 27 click link to download 1 page .pdf from the state legislature website

we're no fans of current dist. 27 representative rick farrar thats fo sho...however a cursory analysis of his challenger chris hazel doesnt impress upon us that he would provide any better representation than mr. farrar. in fact we think that mr. hazel would be far worse...

first off, according to mr. hazels press release posted from the town talk here we notice that he is a graduate of holy cross school in...new orleans. so looks like mr. hazel isnt even from here. next we notice that this guy has spent his whole life serving the establishment. starting in 1983 mr. hazel joined the marine corps. it doesnt say what he did in the marine corps, other than he "graduated infantry training school" but if we had to guess it was probably something to do the military police.

next, looks like mr. hazel came home to new orleans and attended the university of new orleans and earned a bachelor of arts degree in political science and minored in history. within that time frame, in 1989, he was a congressional intern.

then, mr. hazel for some unexplained reason got himself a job at a nut house in new orleans called joellen smith psychiatric hospital. a nut house is a good place for someone with a political science degree to work. perhaps mr. hazel, thinking years ahead, was merely trying to figure out the (mostly non) thinking process of your typical louisiana voter, who knows.

in 1992 mr. hazel must have decided he had enough of crazy people so off to san diego and the border patrol where he worked the "san diego sector" until 1997, thats when mr. hazel decided that he had enough of illegal aliens, so it was off to some yankee law school (we guess lsu, tulane or southern wasnt good enough) for a juris doctorate.

somehow in 2000 mr. hazel winds up working for ninth judicial district court judge thomas yeager a/k/a "the bow-tie guy." judge yeager is a former rapides assistant district attorney. interesting story about judge yeager's "judgement" in the summer of 1998 he released from jail a notorious wife-beater named kenneth redwine who upon being released promptly shot and killed his estranged wife phyllis. it was convenient that kenneth redwine's father, fred, was a politician too, being the justice of the peace for ward 11.

so anyway, mr. hazel then spends a year as an assistant district attorney in grant parish. we guess he didnt like it there or something because in 2004 he returned to the rapides parish district attorneys office where he remains to this day.

the moral of the story is that mr. hazel is a total establishment person. likely a new orleans patrician and he's spent practically his entire adult life as an extension of the power of the state. it dont look to us like mr. hazel has ever even had an honest job. if you think mr. hazel is on the side of the "little guy" or even understands or cares about the plight of this states poor and down trodden you must be nuttier than the proverbial fruitcake.

another thing you have to consider is that mr. hazel comes from the rapides parish district attorneys office. its already established that the rapides parish district attorneys office is corrupt and incompetent. if you need anymore proof of the caliber of people that comes from the district attorneys office, then look no further than the city of alexandria and its city attorney, charles "chuck." johnson. mr. johnson came from the district attorneys office as well and one only need look at such laws as alexandria's unconstitutional, discriminatory and racist abandoned car ordinance, the red-light spy camera scam ordinances, the secrecy surrounding, oh say, the quick and associates coughlin-saunders report and the cleco audit as proof to see what we're on about, which is - these people DO NOT need to be writing laws, voting on laws or have their hands on or anywhere near the levers of power in such a way that they can affect everyones lives.

one other thing you have to consider is that its highly likely that piyush is going to be elected governor this fall. piyush is nothing but a con artist, piyush is a traitor to the constitution and the bill of rights, piyush has nothing but contempt for our constitution or he would have never voted for unconstitutional and unamerican legislation such as the read id act; the usa patriot act, the military commissions act; the john warner defense act and the federal elections integrity act which had nothing to do with integrity but everything to do with building more and more federal databases to spy on american citizens. god willing, we are going to be here every day to say we told you so, we told you so, we told you so. but we digress.

the point is that the last thing we should do is send to baton rouge our own piyush rubber stamp. there used to be a time thanks to our unique napoleonic code that louisianans were the most free, most industrious and self sufficient people in the united states but something has happened. louisianans are now the most compliant, malleable and gullible lot in the country.

we're sorry but unless a better third or fourth candidate enters this race we will be voting for rick farrar.

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