15 May 2007

city of alexandria to sell youth ball park to cabrini hospital? part 2

we sent the below email to the mayor this morning. we havent received a response yet but when we do we will post it here. our research seems to indicate that there are three laws that govern sale, exchange or lease of property by a municipality. as we noted in our email the first two laws do not seem to apply. the third law allows for only five percent (5%) of the city's registered voters to (sign a) petition for a general election in which the entire city would vote whether or not to allow the city to part with the youth ball park.

so, this morning we telephoned the rapides parish registrar of voters office at 318.473.6770 to find out how many registered voters there are in alexandria. in her words "approximately 28,348" voters registered in alexandria. five percent [28,348 x.05] of that is only: 1,417.

dont expect the media to investigate and tell you about any of these laws etc (and by the way dont take our word for it either contact your own attorney) all they will do is report when its over. one morning you will turn on your television and open your newspaper to learn "its a done deal blah, blah, blah"

now this may seem controversial to some but the best thing to do is to let the city do their thing give notice etc and in turn alexandrians can get a petition circulating. call a city-wide vote and then once and for all the citizens of alexandria can tell st. francis cabrini hospital with respect to the ball park to go jump in the lake.

you might say, but this is a charitable hospital ran by sisters and all that. to this we say...baloney! dont be a sucker! cabrini is a money making business. we personally know of one instance (and have heard of a lot others) where someone, with insurance and the whole nine yards was hospitalized there -- now at the end of the hospitalization cabrini didnt send a bill to this person, oh no cabrini sent the bill directly to a collection agency. this was totally uncalled for. does that sound charitable or christ-like? no of course it doesnt. cabrini is only about making money. cabrini dont give a damn about you and they dont give a damn about the ball park or children either. all cabrini sees is dollar $ign$. if cabrini management wasnt a bunch of selfish, self-serving pricks the thought to take away something that means so much to so many would have never entered their heads.

Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini nee Maria Francesca Cabrini

the board of directors of christus st. francis cabrini hospital ought to be ashamed of themselves for trying to steal a playground meant for children. this sorry lot would do well to read the bible and study and emulate the things that their founder and namesake, mother cabrini, actually stood for and with that thought in mind they should take some time away from their spread sheets and pursuit of filthy lucre to read this message from pope john paul ii on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of mother cabrini's birth.
wst... email to mayor jacques roy administration:

Under which statute is a sale to Cabrini being discussed? As city Attorney Charles Johnson can tell you, there are different procedures and requirement for each.

For example, R.S. 33:4717 requires a finding that the parks no longer have a public use. R.S. 33:4712 also requires a finding of the property no longer having a public use.

Due to the "no longer having a public use" requirement seeming extremely difficult to substantiate in this case, it appears that the sale would more likely to be under the provisions of R.S. 33:4717.2.

R.S. 33:4717.2 seems to apply only to industries. Is a hospital considered an industry, under this statute?

Additionally, that statute requires: "Prior to any transfer, the governing authority of the political subdivision shall give notice of its intention to do so, by publication of a notice of intention once a week for two consecutive weeks, beginning at least fourteen days from the date such action is contemplated. Such notice of intention shall include the following:

(1) a general description of the proposed transfer,
(2) a description of the property to be transferred,
(3) the proposed consideration to be given in exchange for said property,
(4) a statement that the proposed contract is on file for public inspection in the office of the political subdivision,
(5) a statement as to the appraised value of such property as determined by a real estate appraisal made within the previous twelve months, and
(6) a date, time, and place at which objections to such transfer will be received. Should five percent of the resident electors of the political subdivision object to said proposed transaction, an election shall be held for the purpose of submitting the question of the transfer to the voters in accordance with Chapter 6-B of Title 18 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950."

So, are the notices the City has sent out to those in just that neighborhood preliminary, and in addition, to what is required by law? You will also notice that this statute requires that the citizens know of the proposed sales price, the appraised value, and a public hearing held after notice, to all citizens of Alexandria.
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