02 January 2008

city of alexandria la violating meetings rebroadcast ordinance

in the alexandria, louisiana city council meeting of 03 july 2007 an ordinance was passed "that all council meetings starting today and in the future be aired on the access channel for a minimum of two weeks time at the following council meeting." video and transcript here. this was done in the wake of citizen outrage over the city councils refusal to rebroadcast the infamous banned special council meeting. this was the 12 june 2007 council meeting where bridgett brown and certain councilmen showed their ass for all the world to see. that video is here and here.

see link for direct link to 21 december 2007 special council agenda

shown above is a screen grab taken today from the city of alexandria, louisiana's official website where there is a notice of a special council meeting held friday 21 december 2007 for the purpose of discussing "the star tek lease agreement." according to the agenda this is not a secret executive session but a special meeting in which citizens could witness the "discussion."

this morning starting around 10:30 am cst we watched the channel 4 rebroadcast of the 18 december city council committees and council meeting it concluded at 12:59 pm cst. (2:30 video clip from the end of todays rebroadcast).

according to the 03 july 2007 ordinance and the city council discussion surrounding it, we fully expected to see the broadcast or rebroadcast of the 21 december 2007 special council meeting about the star tek lease to immediately or reasonably follow the 18 december 2007 rebroadcast.

however, this is not the case...its taken us just over an hour and a half (from 12:59 pm) to prepare this post and while we were preparing it we've had the television tuned to channel 4 in case the meeting in question was indeed broadcast and it was not.

a search of the alexandria daily town talk's website for "star tek" returns nothing. a google search of the town talks domain for star tek likewise returns nothing relevant. the same is true for kalb. why is the discussion about the star tek lease held on friday, 21 december 2007 by the alexandria city council being withheld from the people? why is the alexandria daily town talk and kalb suppressing news of this meeting?