23 January 2008

tim burns to announce for congress

timothy g. "tim" burns is a republican louisiana state legislator from house district 89. this morning wst... received an email from rep. burns campaign to let us know that he will be running for congress from louisiana's first congressional district - the seat recently vacated by the resignation of its occupant piyush "bobby" jindal who was elected governor.

the first thing that we notice is that rep. burns logo looks very similar to the european union flag. although the european union flag has twelve stars and rep. burns fifteen, we still have to wonder why an american politician would choose a logo like this.

next thing we notice is that rep. burns is to make his announcement from some blueblood joint called benedict's plantation. why in the world would someone choose such an opulent place to make a campaign announcement unless he was the candidate for patrician's and bluebloods? what regular person would feel comfortable in a place like benedict (arnold's?) plantation?

tim burns platform

next we go and check out rep. burns platform. its full of the usual glittering generalities couched as pseudo patriotic mumbo-jumbo.

under the heading "establish justice" rep. burns writes that:"While civil and criminal justice is primarily regulated on the state and local level, constitutional doctrines are more designed to protect criminals rather than victims."

now think for just a minute about what rep. burns is saying....he's saying that the united states constitution which includes, but isnt limited to, the bill of rights and the fourteenth amendment is there to protect criminals!!

how can you honestly expect that someone such as rep. burns will go to washington d.c. to protect and defend the constitution when he says in his platform that this same constitution protects criminals?

if you live in louisiana's first congressional district we recommend that you take a pass on this turkey.

however, we wouldnt be a bit surprised, if despite all this, rep. burns does get elected. the first congressional district voters have proven over and over that they have lousy minds and cant think properly in selecting congressmen having given us piyush "bobby" jindal and this guy and this one.
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