01 January 2008

something is not right about the way the town talk posts .pdf files!

this is something we've been noticing with town talk .pdf's for awhile. while we appreciate the town talk for acquiring and posting documents in .pdf form -- somethings just not right.

click picture to enlarge
how in the heck can a one page .pdf have a file size of almost thirteen freaking megabytes? all thats on that page is the ciy's "c.u.r.e." logo. by the way, while we're thinking about it -- how much money did the city pay an advertising agency to design a logo for a deadhead volunteer community group? and just why would a community group require an official logo? what about stationary? did the city have "c.u.r.e." envelopes and letterhead printed up as well?

anyway, back to the town talk - how can it be, that a one page .pdf file with hardly anything on it can be this huge when in comparison the whole 409 page .pdf mitchell report is only 6.48 megabytes in size? and why cant the town talk put multiple pages of a report on one single .pdf instead of posting each page individually?