15 January 2008

more nutty louisiana 'business leaders' come out in support of satanic bohemian grove member sean o'keefe

according to new orleans city business (see link) the nine nutters below took out a full page advertisement in today's baton rouge advocate in support of lsu chancellor sean o'keefe.

according to city business they call chancellor o'keefe a "treasure" and the ad "praises o'keefe's tenure as the administrator for nasa." thats real interesting considering that when the nasa space shuttle columbia exploded [sts-107] over texas at 01 february 2003 it was during mr. o'keefe's tenure.

texe marrs says that "virtually everything that nasa does is permeated with magic and alchemy." [youtube video]. this would seem to tie-in with mr. o'keefe's bohemian grove membership.

The businessmen who took out the ad are Bollinger Shipyards CEO Boysie Bollinger; Jimmy Maurin, chairman of Stirling Properties in Covington; Jim Flores, CEO of Plains Exploration and Production Co., of Houston; David Voelker of Frantzen/Voelker Investments of New Orleans; Lenny Lemoine, president of The Lemoine Co. in Lafayette; Markham McKnight, CEO of Wright & Percy Insurance in Baton Rouge; Billy Rucks, president of William W. Rucks Investments in Lafayette; Stewart Slack, president of Slack Alost Development in Shreveport and former LSU Board chairman; and Bill Slaughter, president of SSA Consultants in Baton Rouge.
we should be asking why is it so imperative to these so called business leaders to support someone with shady associations and a questionable track record in management to be in charge of teaching our kids?