30 January 2008

unhinged dems desperate attempt to hang allegations of barack obama's drug use; homosexuality around ron pauls neck

UPDATE: robert novak alluded to larry sinclair being a clinton plant in november 2007

: larry sinclair has more barack obama drugs and homosexual sex limo party videos for you

we've gotta admit that we've had more than one good horse laugh at barack obama's rather misguided backers who, by the way, are alarmingly reminiscent of the snake-charmed and beguiled piyush "bobby" jindal supporters, ever since larry sinclair's barack obama video burst on the scene.

now much to our glee and entertainment we see that their strategery is a weak attempt to tie the larry sinclair allegations around ron paul and his supporters neck. a local blog, cenlamar, run by democratic party apparatchiks has joined in the fray.

this is very odd since ron paul (always) had zero chance of receiving the republican nomination. it would seem that attempting to link mr. sinclair to john mcmadman mccain or flip romney would be the prudent move. oh wait - neither has any online support to speak of.

the thing is though is that bloggers and netizens who have been either outright paul supporters or sympathetic to his cause have been shown to be the most internet savvy. so it makes sense that the internet talk over the larry sinclair video would naturally be more likely to be seen as having a ron paul link simply because paul's supporters are more likely to be using the internet in the first place and not because there is some conspiracy amongst ron paul supporters.

speaking of conspiracies, we had to chuckle at how cenlamar seemingly attempts to knock and dismiss jeff rense as a merely a conspiracy theory site, while at the same time peddling their own barack obama/larry sinclair/ron paul conspiracy theory.