18 January 2008

piyush scammed: c.b. forgotston on jindal 'transparency'

c.b. forgotston recounts his recent adventure in trying to get information from the governor and learns he's not as big a FOP (friend of piyush) as he thought he was. see link

by the way, we've noticed that a lot of sites like vote the record who before the election reposted entire forgotston commentaries 'mysteriously' refuse to give his observations any play now.

on the other hand, vote the record is devoting lots of posts about abortion which they are against and the illegal and immoral iraq war, which they are for, brings to mind this 29 december 2007 observation by eric hufschmid:

[M]ost of the people who condemn abortion as murder are Republicans, and most of them support the war in Iraq. How can they be so traumatized by an abortion and yet treat the killing of Iraqis as family entertainment?

And consider the anti-abortion people who show pictures of aborted fetuses to women who are considering an abortion. They do this to convince the women to give birth to their baby, but these people don't show pictures of the war in order to shock us into stopping the war.

They want to save the life of a fetus, but after that fetus is born, they don't care if it's raped, killed, abandoned in an orphanage, or sold as a sex slave. My conclusion is the anti-abortion people don't really care about abortion. Their opposition to abortion is for their own entertainment. They want to feel special. ~ link