25 January 2008

katrina mary landrieu snellings voyager universal literacy system scam

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Tales of George W. Bush, Republicans and Zionists DILDO: Louisiana Senator Katrina Mary Landrieu Snellings. Now we learn that Katrina Mary is pimping for Randy Best and the Voyager Universal Literacy System too.
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Katrina Mary Landrieu Snellings has a long and well documented history of traitorous activities...

Katrina Mary voted for
1.The USA PATRIOT Act 2006 renewal (in 2001 senate roll call vote #313 listed katrina mary as "not voting" katrina mary was the only senator that didnt vote)
2.The REAL ID Act
3.The Iraq War Resolution
4.To Confirm dual Israeli - American citizen Michael Chertoff to head Homeland Security
5.The Military Commissions Act
6.The John Warner National Defense Authorization Act of 2006
7.Katrina Mary voted for S.2611 the massive scamnesty bill for illegal aliens. (Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006)

Katrina Mary Landrieu Snellings stabbed conscientious Democrats and others in the back when she joined with Republicans and Zionists like Dick Cheney in supporting the reelection of rabid Zionist, Israel first-er, agent of the Israeli govt., Joe Lieberman.
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...to name just a few reasons why Katrina Mary Landrieu Snellings has got to go!
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