09 January 2008

the town talk mysteriously scrubs links to jimmy faircloth story from website!

UPDATE: piyush "mr. ethics bobby" jindal's executive counsel jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth sued for being 'unethical' & 'unscrupulous'

judicial inc does jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth

UPDATE: is jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth a zionist puppet and/or an israeli agent?

UPDATE: gov. piyush "bobby" jindal's executive counsel jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth one of the financiers behind radio ads slamming state rep. karen carter!

UPDATE: gov piyush "bobby" jindal's executive counsel jimmy 'the wizard' faircloth still giving big money to piyush scammery
around six hours ago the gannett owned alexandria daily town talk posted the following story on their website. within about three hours of its posting, the town talk mysteriously removed all links to and mention of the article from its website. however, a simple key word search of the word "faircloth" on the town talk's website search retrieves the article. same with a google domain search of thetowntalk.com again using the key word "faircloth."

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this article may reappear on the town talk's website, we dunno, but if it does it might be a good idea to compare the text to this one and see if the town talk changed anything around.
UPDATE: see central la politics blog
the missing faircloth article returns!