03 January 2008

kalb owner media general stock still tumbling

media general is a crap-o-la managed company more interested in protecting their advertisers than in reporting real news.

a few examples of this -- media general/kalb covered up, suppressed and refused to report the infamous fake traffic study that the alexandria mayor and his chief of staff knowingly misrepresented to the citizens of and the city council for alexandria, louisiana . the alexandria mayor together with his inner circle crime gang, are bound and determined, for reasons known only to them but under the guise of "economic development" to give away property that belongs to the citizenry of alexandria to st. francis cabrini hospital. this fake prescott road study fraud is and was a story of the century type report that if kalb management was truly "on your side" as they like to emptily repeat at every opportunity -- would have reported.

however, the kalb management is not "on your side." oh they are on somebody's side alright, the side of their major corporate advertisers like st. francis cabrini hospital. this is reflected by the fact that media general/kalb sent out reporter joel massey to do a story to sex up the cabrini deal read scam.

another example is when media general/kalb posted and touted as a legitimate news story about the piyush "bobby" jindal for governor campaign what we strongly believe to be a free commercial in the form of a video news release.

most recently, media general/kalb is suppressing news about how the city of alexandria is already violating their own ordinance about rebroadcasting city council meetings.

in short, media general is garbage. they deserve to go bankrupt and the sooner the better.

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