08 January 2008

media general / kalb still refusing to report city council ordinance violation!

in what is supposed to pass as a "news" report (see link) about today's alexandria city council meeting, media general/kalb hack reporter joel massey makes no mention of, neither does mr. massey make any effort whatsoever to, interview any city councilmen to get to the bottom of why the special city council meeting held on 21 december 2007 is not being rebroadcast on public access channel 4 in violation of the alexandria city council's own ordinance.

pathetic, ridiculous, mismanaged excuse for a news source: kalb has never even reported that there was a special city council meeting on 21 december 2007 in which the city council discussed the star tek lease. the gannett owned alexandria daily town talk hasnt either.

screen grab from channel 4

meanwhile, media general the owner of kalb, stock continues to free-fall. today media general's stock fell 4.50% yesterday it was down 3.97% looks like the stockholders would get tired of losing their money in this crap corporation and demand new management.

shoddy to nonexistent local news reporting isnt limited just to alexandria, see why we hate local tv news by dennis shook a wisconsin blogger. other good reading is the media criminals by eric hufschmid.