16 January 2008

did gannett corporate force the town talk to report local news?

as everyone who's been following this knows, since the first of the year the blogosphere has been raising all sorts of hell over the local corporate media's non-news reporting about the 21 december 2007 special alexandria city council meeting regarding the star tek lease and the failure of the corporate media in not reporting the city of alexandria, louisiana's non-rebroadcasting via public access channel 4 of same.

on saturday 12 january 2008 we posted our latest rant here about the media criminals and their refusal to print truly newsworthy local news. bright and early monday morning 14 january 2008 we noticed a computer from gannett corporate direct hit that post - see here. a little while later here comes the town talk.

so imagine our pleasant surprise when we logged onto the town talk's website this morning to read: "alexandria council president stands by decision not to air special meeting."

in this well written and extensive report by the town talk reporter, karina donica (see we'll give the corporate media credit when its warranted) we learn (like we've maintained all along) "that the purpose of the roughly 10-minute meeting was significant for alexandria."

alexandria city council president louis marshall a liar and a fraud

in the spring of 2007 then alexandria city council vice president louis marshall authored and offered up a resolution "public information on city activities and important constituent matters...including but not limited to expanded use of the government access channel..." video and post here.

in todays town talk article council president marshall says that rebroadcasting the 21 december 2007 special city council meeting would "lead to confusion." since when does giving the citizenry the information to which they are entitled confusing? it's more likely the "confusion" lies in the pack of criminals who sit upon the alexandria city council in keeping their lies and dealings hidden from public view and the "confusion" that lies in explaining same to the citizenry.

heres a heads up to gannett corporate and the town talk - the next thing we will be raising hell over will be for a thorough investigation into channel 4 - who exactly operates it, who are the people that work the cameras and the equipment? are they city of alexandria employees? and if not, then why not? how much do they receive in financial or other consideration? do they have a contract with the city? for how long and how did they get it? who is this mysterious CQ entity we understand has a hand in city council meetings broadcasting and what relationship, if any, does CQ have with certain alexandria city councilmen?