07 January 2008

more proof kalb is manipulating news in favor of their advertiser st francis cabrini hospital

at the end of this very pro-cabrini slanted "news" piece filed by joel massey on 26 november 2007 and captioned "city may give part of prescott road to cabrini" kalb anchor dale hoffman states "the mayor told us the traffic study conducted by the city showed that eighty percent (80%) of the traffic on prescott (road) is hospital related." [video clip]

on 11 december 2007 the town talk reported "traffic study for hospital plan 'comprehensive,' but not 'scientific'" [.rtf] in which we learn that the so called "study" was not a study at all and in fact, st. francis cabrini hospital supplied most if not all of the "data." kalb has never reported not one word about this.

contrast this to kalb's actions regarding the so called north mall boulevard carjacking - on 06 december 2007 kalb's mike magnoli reported in "crimes and concerns near the alexandria mall"

[O]n Tuesday afternoon, a woman was carjacked, pulled out of her boyfriend’s truck, beat up, and left on the side of the road-- on North Mall Drive.
about a week or so later it came out that the woman had changed her story and now was saying that she didnt know the location where she was carjacked. kalb couldnt get on the air fast enough to broadcast this bit of information.

yet media general / kalb refuses to report how the mayor, his chief of staff and cabrini hospital colluded to dupe the city council and citizenry into giving st. francis cabrini hospital parts of prescott road.

you still think kalb is "on your side"? the more obvious question is just who's side is kalb on? their advertisers and corporate pals or their viewers? we think you know the answer.