20 January 2008

REDFLEX SCAM: RedFlex Hearing - Lafayette

UPDATE: the newspaper.com: Louisiana: Improperly Issued Speeding Tickets Tossed Out
Lafayette, Louisiana speed camera hearing confirms that tickets were improperly issued over a three month period
exposing australian redflex traffic systems, inc., rethuglicans and lafayette pet shop bois crime gangers joey durel, tony tramel, charlie buckels, keith patin, fred w. davis, esq.
Redflex Trial - Laser experts from Texas Instruments Win Case

Mark and Phil Abshire fight and win their case against Redflex. These men programmed laser guided missles and worked for Texas Instruments for 20 years.

A 30 Minute Video worth watching!

Tony Tramel - hides in the corner when confronted
Keith Patin - hides in the corner next to Tony
Fred Davis - contracted consultant acting as a judge for the case

the joey in australian redflex traffic systems, inc., pocket holds a kangaroo court.

video description:
RedFlex/SafeSpeed Lafayette holds a hearing in Lafayette finally to allow for citizens to dispute their "invoices". Tony Tramel is in attendance and you won't believe what happens...

the attorney who plays the "adjudicator" for lafayette, la. consolidated government is fred w. davis with the rabalais, hanna and hebert law firm.
fred w. davis - louisiana state bar association information.
fred w. davis info from the rabalais, hanna and hebert law firm this is the website url referenced in video.
rabalais, hanna and hebert law firm website.

one important piece of information that was revealed is that redflex traffic systems, inc., sent lafayette consolidated government completely different information than what redfex sent mr. abshire! mr. abshire asked for a copy of what redflex had sent lafayette consolidated government and was flatly refused by lafayette consolidated government's "adjudicator" fred w. davis. "adjudicator" davis said that would be a matter for lafayette consolidated government's attorney. why the secrecy? whats really going on?

CAUGHT: rethuglican pet shop bois crime ganger, tony tramel, destroying personal property and likely evidence:

stephanie ware writes:
Okay, I didn't tell you this earlier but here's how completely ****** up Tony Tramel is. Before the mock hearing started, We put our tape recorders on the table in front of everyone and everything continued on. After it was all over, I walked out of the room and forgot to pick mine up....so we're all standing in this small area in the front and 8 minutes or so later I realize that I left my tape recorder in the room (and on)...the same room that we had exited and the "adjudicator," Tony Tramel, some other guy from RedFlex, and another lady remained...then shut the door.

I turned to the receptionist and said very urgently "Look, I left my tape recorder in there and I have to have it now...I didn't mean to leave it in there, please go get it." She gets up and goes to the room behind her and comes back and says "they said they will be with you shortly." Then, I proceeded to go straight up crazy on her and said "No, I want my recorder now and if you don't get it, I am calling the Chief and will have the police here immediately."

She gets frazzled and goes back to the room and starts to open the door and I went barging in. There is TONY TRAMEL holding my tape recorder trying to erase my tape in front of 4 other people. I couldn't believe it. So, I started in on him, now in front of about 12 people. Yelling at this point, I said "Tony why are you touching my personal property? Are you seriously touching my personal property at a public hearing?" He has some remarks and then, he slid it over across the table to me and said "Well, Stephanie...I think your batteries are dying enough and I think we got most of it off."

Are you believing this? Tony Tramel erasing the evidence of a private investigator at a public hearing? A private investigator who is also a state and federal witness?
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