12 January 2008

media criminals at the gannett/town talk still suppressing news of the 21 december 2007 alexandria city council meeting

tonight we noticed the clown talk posted a news story captioned "looking back." see link.

its a 163 word "news" item without a byline about the 08 january 2008 alexandria city council meeting and the repides parish school board meeting also held that day.

the clown talk reports this, but yet never has printed not one word about the 21 december 2007 special alexandria city council meeting concerning the star tek lease. the clown talk has never printed a word about why this meeting was never rebroadcasted on public access channel 4 or how the alexandria city council is violating its own 03 july 2007 ordinance governing city council meetings broadcasts.

we might as well throw this in since we're here - the clown talk has been in receipt of public records since 28 november 2007 which reveal a scandal concerning several local governing bodies and the alexandria city council and have never printed anything about that either.

the clown talk's refusal to print these very newsworthy items should be proof enough to any reasonable minded person that they themselves are a part of the criminal network.

excerpt from the media criminals by eric hufschmid:
They are criminals, not executives

The people who control the media are often described as "executives", but they should be referred to as "criminals" because they are deceiving us with propaganda; providing entertainment and sexual titillation to distract us; and suppressing people who try to expose their crimes.

Many people on the Internet refer to this group as "The Powers That Be" (TPTB), but they are not powerful. They should be described as Criminals On The Loose (COTL).

They only have control over our media because so many people allow them to have control. It would not be difficult for us to get them out of our lives, clean up our history books, and provide ourselves with more serious news organizations.

What effect do they have on children?

These media criminals provide infantile and psychotic entertainment in their television shows, newspapers, magazines, movies, and other forms of propaganda. Diarrhea, bathrooms, and sex are a common subject. [...]

Are you supporting
these media criminals?

Most of our friends, relatives, and neighbors are supporting the media criminals financially by purchasing their deceptive publications and Hollywood movies.

Each of us has a choice in regards to the publications we support. We can read articles such as this one, or we can buy a Newsweek magazine or a New York Times newspaper.

Nobody is forcing any us to do anything. However, most people are choosing to watch the deceptive news, and read the deceptive publications.

The media criminals are not providing us with "news". Rather, they are providing us with propaganda to promote their particular view of the world, and to cover up their crimes.

Tell your friends and relatives that if they support criminals, they should expect more crime. If they want a better world, they have to support people who are respectable.

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