11 January 2008

settlement reached in: the nationalist movement versus town of jena and murphy mcmillan


  • gold weems federal judge dee drell called on his violating the constitution in the nationalist movement v town of jena et al case

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    click here to download two page joint motion .pdf (34k)
    click here to download three page consent order and final judgement .pdf (42k)

    wst... has learned that the nationalist movement and the town of jena have reached an agreement in the court dispute over the nationalist movements' right to hold a march in jena on 21 january 2008 - the martin luther king, jr. holiday.

    according to the court papers filed today in the united states district court, western district, alexandria, louisiana division, the town of jena admits that they violated the nationalist movement's rights under the first and fourteenth amendments to the united states constitution. furthermore, the town of jena agrees to pay damages to the nationalist movement in the nominal amount of one dollar ($1.00). jena further admits that its "parade ordinance" is unconstitutional and agrees to repeal same. jena also agrees to pay judicial approved court costs and attorney fees.

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