19 January 2008

video: massacre by u.s. and nato forces in helman province in afghanistan

whether we like it or not, this is how america and americans are being portrayed overseas; whether we like it or not, both the afghanistan and the iraq war are illegal and immoral; whether we like it or not, criminals who serve khazar savages have taken over our government; whether we like it or not, because we did nothing to stop it, someday soon for all these things and more, we're all going to stand before a holy and just god and give account of ourselves...whether you like it or not.

video link 20m25s
video description:
Afghan civilians--27 children were massacred by the US jets and helicopters/AC130 Gunship in Helmand Afghanistan. The people there were all shocked to see gunners from the airplanes were targeting fleeing children. The elders in the village asked, "can't the Americans tell the difference between armed fighters and little children running to safety?" This is the type of "democracy" and "reconstruction" the US and her NATO allies--UK, Canada, Dutch, Australians and others---practice in Afghanistan.