29 January 2008

harold chambers to get $75,000 per year city contract

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according to the town talk (see link) former alexandria mayoral chief of staff harold chambers is set to get a big "consulting" contract from the city of alexandria, la.

town talk excerpt:
"Chambers, who was chief of staff was fired by then-Mayor Ned Randolph in September 2005. Chambers' dismissal came after he called Cleco officials following a city executive session in which two former Cleco employees accused the utility company of defrauding Alexandria..."
so lets see if we can get this right...heres a guy, mr. chambers, who was the then mayors chief of staff. the city had an executive session which is a private, non-public session in which they supposedly learned that cleco had been overbilling the city to the tune of millions of dollars...so mr. chambers called cleco to let them know what was discussed in the private, secret executive session.

now there is a lawsuit, in federal court no less and still on going, where the city is suing cleco for among a litany of other things including "intending to cause economic damage to the city while benefiting cleco." now, amazingly, the city wants to hire the guy who ratted them out to cleco to be a consultant and the person who is pushing this idea is non other than charles frederick "droopy-draws" smith. you think there isnt some (no pun intended) blackmail going on?