15 January 2008

richard hugh baker will not run

a treasonous; traitorous rat gets his reward

richard hugh baker votes for
the usa patriot act (2001) house roll call vote #398
the usa patriot act renewal (2006) roll call vote #20
authorization for use of military force against iraq resolution of 2002 roll call vote #455
the military commissions act roll call vote #508
the john warner national defense authorization act roll call vote #145
the real id act roll call vote #21
violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism prevention act roll call vote #993
these are just a few of the bills and who knows how many banking and securities bills (according to opencongress.org baker sits on the house financial services committee) louisiana's soon to be former congressman richard hugh baker has voted for. one can easily see that congressman baker has been busy serving his true masters in gutting the united states constitution and turning americans over to the total control grid of the coming police state.

there is big dollars in selling out your fellow americans and now its time for congressman baker to get his reward.

it was announced today that he will be accepting a position as chief executive officer with managed funds association. mfa is in and represents hedge funds and the "alternative assets" business. mfa says it "provides members with access – both collectively and individually – to influential policy makers." and that "upon joining, each member of mfa gains an instant peer group of the most influential leaders in the hedge fund industry and receives opportunities to interact with such colleagues in an unparalleled way." and mfa protects "the interests of the alternative investment industry on capitol hill."

according to forbes hedge funds "are unregulated because they cater to sophisticated investors." some of the "sophisticated investors" mr. baker will be rubbing shoulders with include: george h.w. bush, the family of osama bin laden, james a baker, iii and other war criminals and war profiteers of this ilk through the carlyle group and its hedge fund company, carlyle blue wave partners management lp. [video about the carlyle group] see also meet the carlyle group and also bin laden and the carlyle group.